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Fraude, riesgo y conformidad

Fraude, riesgo y conformidad

Identify and Prevent Fraud, Mitigate Risk, and Enhance Compliance

Verint is an innovator and global provider of Fraud, Risk, and Compliance solutions. Our solutions are implemented across many industries, including financial services, retail, and telecommunications service providers.

We believe that enterprise organizations are looking to generate Actionable Intelligence to identify and prevent fraud, mitigate risk, and help ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and internal requirements. Organizations across industries face the challenge of identifying fraud and non-compliance driven by the significant growth in information and the development of more sophisticated methods of intrusion that require advanced solutions to detect, mitigate, and prevent such breaches. The consequences of fraud and non-compliance extend far beyond direct financial loss to serious risks associated with information breaches that can harm both customers and organizations, leading to reputation damage, customer attrition, and in some cases significant fines and personal liability for responsible individuals.

El portafolio de soluciones para fraude, riesgo y conformidad de Verint incluye:
  • Retail Fraud and Loss Prevention Solutions Verint’s comprehensive video management portfolio helps retailers prevent loss, protect assets and improve business performance and productivity with advanced integrated data capture and analytics.
  • Banking Fraud and Security Solutions Verint’s robust financial solutions portfolio helps financial institutions identify security threats and vulnerabilities and improve fraud investigations. Recording technology captures, shares, and stores recordings on a single platform with a single user interface, providing an enterprise compliance recording solution that functions across trading floors, branch and back-office operations.
  • Call Center Fraud Detection and Identity Solutions
    Optimize customer interactions with sophisticated conversational analytics to automatically surface valuable intelligence from thousands-even millions-of recorded calls, and take action quickly. Verint's Fraud Detection incorporates voice biometrics to enable banks, card issuers, and wealth management services to quickly detect fraudulent callers and securely authenticate customers without negatively impacting the customer experience.
  • Data Fraud and Regulatory Compliance Solutions Verint's comprehensive solutions capture, retrieve, analyze and authenticate interactions between employees and customers, and providing deeper insight into an organization’s infrastructure.